Catch Kingfish? We do!

Catching Kingfish is a specialty of mine that I really enjoy. I recently took my friend Tony out to one of my favourite  nearby fishing spots to catch some fish for an upcoming family gathering.  Tony was a bit concerned when I took his first  fish- a good lively fresh kahawai- and  then threw it straight back into the ocean -with a hook in its back- attached to one of my favorite Shimano stand up Kingfish rods. Re-investment time!

We enjoyed  catching a few more fish together in great conditions before the adrenalin pumping reel clicks on the line with the live bait kahawai indicated impending excitement. I quickly released some more line to allow the live bait to be engulfed ..and then stuck hard. The rod buckled over.  The reel screamed!

  Having landed lots of big Kingfish myself I handed the rod over  to Tony to do some hard work, and took over the helm to work the big fish away from any obstacles. Fifteen minutes of intense action followed with a good Kingfish finally being gaffed and dragged into my charter boat Toroa with hoots and deserved high fives. The excellent results from this experienced investment meant that the family and community was well feed on delicious fresh Kingie steaks. Yum! Yum! Yum!

I share this incase you too would like to visit us on and perhaps learn how you can catch one of delicious Kingfish for yourselves!

Catch Kingfish with Justin

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